US Basic Corporate Clothing

US Basic

US Basic’s 30 years in the corporate clothing industry is clear in their incredible products. Their experience allows the company to take your basic corporate shirt or jacket, and refine it into its most stylish, wearable, cost effective version of the product. A great strength of US basic clothing is how cost effective its products are, while retaining exceptional quality. This makes it available to entry level businesses, and perfect for large scale promotional events.

The company is based in New York, and products are designed in Amsterdam. This is a well-established international corporate and promotional clothing line, but it is undoubtedly primed for the South African workplace.

Custom corporate clothes

The clothing range has a deliberately minimal design and removable tags. This is means your own branding or promotional content can take center stage. More importantly, a vast range of all kinds of colours, styles and sizes means the business can really make the products their own. US Basic provides the perfect basic product to act as a foundation for your business to build on. Use colour choices and branding to create the corporate clothing or promotional wear appropriate for any business and any occasion!

Appropriate attire

Appropriate attire for the workplace and for promotional clothing is the foundation of US Basic’s clothing. The brand’s range offers workwear options of many different styles, with varying levels of formality. So this means that there is an appropriate clothing option for your particular workplace culture.

Casual work outfits

Casual work outfits can be a difficult thing: how do you know if you’re dressing too casually or to formally? Understanding this, US Basic lets you put that annoying uncertainty to rest. The brand offers the best possible options for the smart-casual working world. Designers choose material combinations with comfort and ease of movement in mind. Attention is paid to material combinations, and functionality, without ever forsaking style.

Smart casual women

Smart casual women’s clothing is particularly catered for by US Basic’s line. Many items are in cuts and styles especially designed for women. This allows for a fit that is professional, but stylish.

Hoodies, jackets and caps in many styles are also available. Body warmers and beanies are perfect corporate wear and promotional items for the colder seasons. Functional, fashionable and comfortable clothing encourages everyday use, bringing your brand into the public space.

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