Office Wear

Office wear that has been branded can be very beneficial to your marketing campaign.

It has been tried and tested that employees wearing a work uniform are more likely to get business or deal with clients, because they look professional and competent.

Today, Brand Innovation would like to promote the US Basic Kenton Long Sleeve Shirt for Men (BAS-3416) and for the Ladies (BAS-3417).

  • Minimum Order Amount: 25
  • Sizes for Men: Small to 4X Large
  • Sizes for Ladies: Small to 3X Large
  • Plaid Colours: Black, Navy, Light Blue, Khaki and Red

These office wear garments are extremely trendy and look great with almost any corporate clothing ensemble.

The plaid pattern is fashionable, young and accentuated by a white hem detail.

To make an enquiry or to order your US Basic Kenton office wear now, feel free to contact us by clicking

Features of the US Basic Long Sleeve Office Wear?

  • 95gsm in weight
  • 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton
  • Adjustable Cuffs, Single Button
  • Tone-on-tone Buttons
  • Chest Pocket, Left
  • Curved Hemline
  • Plaid Patterns

Office Wear Office Wear

Benefits of Office Wear:

Create Team Spirit

  • Feeling like you belong somewhere is one of the best feelings in a working environment.
  • Why not create that feeling with your employees.
  • Unify them, grow team spirit.
  • This could lead to improved productivity.

Make your Employees Your Brand’s Ambassadors

  • Work wear creates a sense of pride and commitment to a brand.
  • Let your employees be your brand’s representatives not only in the workplace.
  • But also out of office.
  • This is constant, “free” advertising of your brand and services.

Produce a Handsome Company Image

  • Nothing screams professional like a well-dressed employee or business man/woman.
  • Uniforms provide a great way to have your employees always look their best.
  • This image can aid in keeping customers and gaining new ones.

Promotional Value

  • Employees are constantly on the move. In and out of office.
  • By wearing a branded uniform they promote your brand.
  • The more they are seen the more your brand will be exposed.

Save Employees the Costs

  • By equipping your employees with corporate wear, you help them financially too.
  • Now they don’t have to buy work clothes regularly anymore.
  • Saving them money. Making them more positive. Raising spirits. Improving productivity.
  • Even offering discounts on office wear, would be awesome.

Brand Innovation is a reputable supplier of the US Basic brand and other corporate clothing in Africa. We deliver straight to your door.

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