US Basic Clothing South Africa

Welcome to US Basic Clothing South Africa!

We are a division of Brand Innovation – a marketing and promotional items company in South Africa.

If you were looking for US Basic corporate or promotional clothing, then you are at the right place. We are the premier supplier of US Basic clothing in South Africa.

US Basic clothing is designed in Amsterdam and is specifically focused on manufacturing excellent quality corporate clothing.

As Europe’s leading corporate and promotional clothing brand, US Basic is world renowned for being a trustworthy and reliable brand. US Basic Clothing focuses on three important aspects to ensure you receive the absolute best in corporate clothing and promotional wear:

  • Durability
  • Style
  • Exceptional Design

US Basic Clothing South Africa

US Basic has an extensive range of corporate clothing. These include leisure wear basics, jackets and workwear.

Some of our most popular US Basic clothing products include:

    • Golf Shirts
    • Jackets
    • Hoodies
    • Body Warmers
    • Workwear
    • Caps

At Brand Innovation we understand the importance of high quality, stylish corporate clothing. This is exactly why we are proud to supply our clients with US Basic Clothing for their corporate or promotional wear and beautifully brand everything from jackets to caps.

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We recommend branding the US Basic Casual Promo Wear range of clothing with embroidery. Our embroidery is of the highest quality; guaranteed to make your logo look great. For eye-catching branding, we can do full colour embroidery. If you prefer a subtle branding, we can do a beautiful tone-on-tone embroidery.

For us to quote on embroidery for your clothing, please send us your logo or design in a high-resolution format.

US Basic Clothing is a brand to whom quality is key. The focus of their brand is to produce great clothes to an excellent standard in a wide range of colours. US Basic styles are the essentials, the absolute wardrobe must-haves for both work and play.

These great products can be used for a whole range of events, from promotional t-shirts and caps to corporate jackets. US Basic is a company that you can trust to represent your brand with quality and integrity. This is a range of clothing that we are proud to offer to our clients, and that we keep offering over and over again! These products are really popular!

US Basic Golf Shirts

Golf shirts are a great corporate uniform item. They look fantastic, especially with branding. We offer high-quality branding on our stunning range of US Basic Golfers. Golf shirts are great from everything from sport to office. They’re comfortable and cut in a way that creates air flow so they’re a great shirt to keep cool. They also great make wonderful corporate uniforms because they look really professional.

A golf shirt is a really great way to look sharp while having enough movement and comfort to work to your fullest potential. Our embroidery looks stunning on these golf shirts and a branded golf shirt is a really amazing way to showcase your brand!

From school sports teams to retail, to office and construction workers, there are a lot of careers that use golf shirts. And they look great. One of our US Basic Golf Shirts will make an awesome corporate uniform for you!

US Basic Jackets

A US Basic jacket is a really great accent to your corporate uniform. They look fantastic, especially with branding, and we have a whole selection to suit your budget and your needs. Our jackets are of high quality and good looking. We have:

  • Windbreakers
  • Softshells
  • Hooded Jackets
  • Rain Jackets
  • Fleece Jackets

Whatever jacket you’re looking for we have jackets to suit your needs! And they all look fantastic when they’re branded! We supply US Basic jackets online so that you can order them at your convenience. They’re great, quality jackets that will make your brand look amazing!

A jacket is a really awesome corporate uniform item, even if it’s just on its own. A corporate jacket is a great way to look uniform, display your brand and show some team spirit! A branded jacket is also a really great way to have

The thing about a jacket, especially a branded jacket, is that it’s on the outside of your clothes, so your branding is always on proud display for the rest of the world to see, from hoodies to rain jackets, you’ve got your branding loud and proud on your corporate uniform.

A jacket can be great for a conference or for a team. Having a jacket is a really great way to accent a corporate uniform!

US Basic Hoodies

Hoodies are a really great item of corporate clothing. They look great and they feel really comfortable! Hoodies are a product that is incredibly versatile! They make great Matric Jackets and are highly in demand. A hoodie can be used as a team jacket! Or as a corporate jacket!

Hoodies are a sweatshirt that is in high demand. The most frequently requested matric jacket options are hoodies. A hoodie is warm and comfortable, and they are very often associated with youth culture.  But the word hoodie for a hooded sweatshirt didn’t come about until the 1990s!

A hoodie is something more casual. A hoodie is work wear! Like jeans, hoodies have integrated into everyday wear! Hoodies were originally created for factory workers as a way to keep them warm in the icy cold winters of Upstate New York. They became really popular after that, and have only grown in popularity over the years.

So in branding a hoodie you’re not only getting a cool and comfortable branded sweatshirt, but you could also be returning those hoodies to their workwear roots.

They look great and have different branding options like embroidery and screen printing!

The range of branding that we can do for you means that we can give you your perfect branded hoodie!

US Basic Body Warmers

Corporate Bodywarmers are a really great corporate uniform item! They’re great for winter when it’s cold out! They keep your torso warm so that you can keep on moving without the cold slowing you down!

Bodywarmers look great with embroidery!

Many of our bodywarmers are fleece, which is wonderfully warm! A body warmer looks really fantastic when it’s paired with our range of lounge shirts, which are under work wear! These are an awesome winter accessory!

Having a body warmer is a really amazing way to keep your staff warm and looking good! They’re great for travel as well! If you’re headed somewhere cold, even just for a hike, a body warmer is a great way to layer up and keep your core warm while you go.

Branded body warmers are amazing. They look great in retail and they are awesome in the office.

US Basic Workwear

Workwear covers shirts, skirts and pants, all those corporate clothing items that make for great office wear! We have an awesome selection of great tops that you can mix and match to create your perfect corporate uniform!

From the chequers of the Huntington and the Aston to the pinstripes of the Pittsburgh, the long and short sleeve shirts of the US Basic range make for a really fantastic corporate uniform.

Corporate uniforms and shirts like this can also put someone in the right frame of mind to work. Dress for success is more than just a casual phrase. When you look the part, more people have confidence in you and you have more confidence in yourself. Implementing our gorgeous branded shirts as a part of your corporate uniform can be a really great way to give your office atmosphere a boost too!

US Basic Caps

Caps are a really fantastic promotional item! They’re a cost effective branding solution that you can use to make a really great give away! Having caps like those from US Basic branded is also a really awesome way to protect your customers and staff from the harsh South African Sun.

South Africa has one of highest instances of skin cancer in the work, second only to Australia. Using a branded cap as a corporate item makes for a really awesome product. Our caps look really great and they have really awesome branding!

Giving out promotional caps is a really great way to protect your clients and your customers from the harsh sun while still promoting your brand on the cap! We have a beautiful selection of caps for you to choose from and they come in a wide range of colours.

Embroidery looks stunning on a cap! Embroidery is the standard method that we have for branding caps, and it looks fantastic. The stitching gives a great textured finish and it stands out from the cap. This gives your branding a three dimensional feel to it!

Corporate Clothing Bulk Supplier

We’re a bulk supplier!

What does that mean? It means that we supply large quantities of corporate clothing! Doing this allows us to give you the best price so that you can have the best product at the best price point. We do this because we want to help our customers.

Selling products in bulk also makes it easier for us to brand your products for you. It’s more cost effective to do all your branding at once rather than in little bits all at different times. Having your products branded in bulk makes for a really fantastic way to have everything that you need done at once.

And with the awesome corporate clothing that we sell, as well as our doing it in bulk, it’s a really great way to have all the products that you need branded done at once!

If you’re looking for a company that can supply and brand corporate clothing and uniforms then you are on the right site! Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa. And we have been for 11 years now. That’s 11 years of quality service for you to place your trust in.

Branding your corporate uniform is an excellent way to promote your brand.

US Basic Clothing Online

Online shopping is a really great, convenient way to do your corporate shopping. There’s no time, petrol or money wasted getting from place to place to try and find that perfect item of corporate clothing. With Brand Innovation and US Basic we have a great selection of products for you to choose from. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for then please let us know! We’d be happy to try and source it for you!

Putting your brand on your corporate uniform is a great way to identify your employees, and to draw attention to your brand!

Your brand is your company’s fingerprint. It’s unique to you! Putting your brand on something makes it uniquely yours!

Wouldn’t it be really great if what you put your brand on added value to your company?

With US Basic Corporate clothing, you can! By putting your brand on US Basic, you’re teaming your brand’s reputation up with the great quality of US Basic and the awesome service and professionalism of Brand Innovation!

We as a company, want to wow you! We care a great deal about our clients and we want to go that extra mile to give you the best possible service and products! That’s why we offer you US Basic as a brand, so that you can have the best quality products.

US Basic is a company with a long standing reputation for good quality, cost effective garments. They create really beautiful products that can be used for anything from promotional t shirts to corporate jackets.

When it comes to corporate clothes, this brand has a great reputation for producing high quality products. They’re one of the leading corporate clothing suppliers in Europe. And we want to offer them to you. Because we know how important it is for your business to look good and to have good quality corporate and promotional clothing.

US Basic Clothing South Africa

We are awaiting your order and would be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect US Basic garment for your company.

The amazing US Basic Clothing Range is now readily available in South Africa through Brand Innovation.

You can contact us at: to find out more about US Basic Clothing South Africa

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